At least half of the world’s population doesn’t have access to essential health services, such as medical and health care, reported the World Health Organization in 2017.  With the pandemic full on, since early 2020, this percentage has swelled alarmingly especially amongst those impacted by structural disparities.

Unequal social, economic and environmental conditions aka social determinants of health contribute to health inequities.  But introducing programs and investments to mitigate these conditions can, in the immediate and in the long term, improve the health of vulnerable populations such as the village communities that we serve in south India.  To reduce health disparities, equitable medical attention is brought to the villages by way of a Mobile Clinic (soon to be two mobile clinics), comprised of a medical team led by an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery) doctor.  Medical care is dispensed only by a physician.

However, health care can be dispensed by trained non-medical staff.  Our Village Social Workers are also the Community Health Workers.  They are trained in first aid, own their own first aid kits containing essential supplies and OTC medicines. This health service is available to everyone around the clock.

The new Ambulance Service is so vital to the communities, it deserved its own page and if you click on New Ambulance Service, you can read all about it there.

Health check-ups are available as an essential health care service to individuals, families and communities.  They are implemented in what is known as health check-up camps, and these are organized yearly, and performed by General Practitioners, Pediatricians, Gynecologists and Ophthalmologists.

Included in our full range of health care services is a professional female Therapist. She provides regular counseling sessions for individuals and groups.

In collaboration with SevaChild International, we have, in past years been dispensing Vitamin A to children.  Vitamin A deficiency disease is the world’s number one cause of childhood blindness.  Later this year, pre-natal vitamins will also be provided by SevaChild which we will distribute to pregnant mothers.

It has been said that the impact of structural inequities can follow individuals “from womb to tomb.”  It has also been said that the cycle of poverty can be broken.  Throughout this website, you will learn of the many necessary endeavors undertaken within our village communities to improve quality of life, and improve life expectancy.  From education of our children, to creating self sufficiency, to providing a medical and health care system, we are trying very hard to raise the quality of life for all our families.

We are grateful for donations so we can continue these humanitarian efforts amongst the most marginalized in society.  Mother Foundation-US,  SevaChildren India/Norway,  and MASARD India, are working in unison on all of the projects, programs and policies as outlined in this website.

Thank you for supporting us!