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General health check-up

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Medical check-up in general of sponsored children

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UN Sustainability Goal No. 3: Good Health

Health and poverty are often interlinked. Although good health is a human right, it is far from a reality in India. It’s still a long time before all people in India can live a dignified life, with good health. For example, India had the world’s third largest HIV epidemic in 2015. Poverty must be combated, health- promoting measures must be initiated and sustainable development must be established

We reserve approx. 5% of our sponsorship budget to ensure that necessary healthcare is provided to children and adults in our working areas

Lack of vitamin A can cause blindness, weakening of the immune system and inhibition of growth. Hence, we have focused on Vitamin A as an integral part of the sponsorship program

Vitamin A capsules are distributed throughout India to children under the age of 5 years. In addition, various vitamins are distributed to lactating mothers

Important life-saving nutrients:

“Lack of Vitamin A can cause mortality among children under the age of five”

– The World Health Organization (WHO)

The micro nutrition programs focus on eradicating diseases related to vitamin A deficiency among children in marginalized families living in villages and urban slums in India. We provides vitamin A in appropriate doses to protect children from diseases related to vitamin A deficiency. These important micronutrients are free for the recipients Through our own projects and network of affiliates, we come into contact with children in areas that the Indian Government program does not reach.

What do we do:

• Regular health check-ups for children and families in our working areas
• Support for acute illnesses
• Follow-up of serious diseases for further treatment
• Health education programs
• Consulting Services